Healthcare is one of the basic rights all people should have.

While Colorado is one of just 12 U.S. states that run its own healthcare exchange (for those who don’t get health insurance from their jobs), and it is fairly strong, Coloradans are being forced to allocate too much of their income to ensure we maintain our health.

On one hand, Colorado’s healthcare exchange offered 124 plans from 7 companies in 2018, but the cost of those plans is going up every year. The average rate increase for 2018, over 2017 rates, will be about 32.7 percent!

Refusing to address the failing healthcare system is not only immoral, but a disservice to voters. We must take action to reverse the trend of skyrocketing premiums that place a burden on small business and can drive families into bankruptcy.

We can no longer rely on a healthcare system that is designed to make a profit from sick people. This means considering policy changes that push for universal healthcare or a public option, which eliminates co-pays and deductibles while lowering overall premiums.