Education is one of the greatest indicators of what our future will look like. However, many issues surround the education system in Colorado.

Our schools have failing infrastructures, our teachers and administrators are making borderline poverty wages, and our children are being forced to deal with the impacts. Rankings collected by Great Education Colorado make these financial challenges clear: Compared to the other 50 states, Colorado ranks:

  • 50th in teacher wage competitiveness (comparing pay of teachers to non-teachers with similar education, experience and hours worked)
  • 49th in number of novice teachers in the classroom
  • 41st in pupil-teacher ratio
  • 40th in per pupil spending
  • 39th in reading gap
  • 44th in graduation rate
  • 48th in graduation rate for low income students
  • 42nd in graduation rate for students with disabilities

Legislators have a duty to ensure they are providing the necessary support for the success of our teachers and their students. We must begin bringing our educators into conversations on how we can create reform that works. Proposing legislation and hoping that the next policy is the last policy can’t work anymore.

We need policy that addresses the nearly 22% dropout rate in Colorado, helps retain experienced teachers, and improves the turnover rate in our education system. For that policy to take place, teachers need a louder voice on Capitol Hill.