Colorado’s economy is booming, but it’s a tide that has lifted only a few boats. Too many of our friends, families and neighbors have been left high and dry.

Looking into the data from our district, House of Representatives District 16, reveal a startling statistic. Despite high levels of employment, nearly 67% of households with children are living in poverty! Hard work is not being rewarded, and despite their best efforts, many parents are not earning a living wage.

As an elected official, I would encourage voters to allow minimum wages to be set based on the cost of living in the city, rather than having wages based on statewide initiatives.

I would also work to improve conditions for those who take the initiative to start and run their own businesses. Small businesses in Colorado account for nearly 50% of private-sector jobs, but they could perform even better and provide more jobs.

I believe that legislators have a responsibility to implement policies that help Coloradans realize their entrepreneurial potential. As your representative, I would work to lower taxes for small businesses, and to encourage Colorado to implement benchmarks based on the economic growth and profitability of our businesses.