While most westerners are well aware that Colorado is home to a booming fossil fuel industry—including oil, natural gas and coalfar fewer realize that Colorado has the 7th largest solar photovoltaic market and the tenth largest wind market in the US. It may also be a surprise to learn that Colorado already employs more solar installers than coal miners.

Colorado has been pushing for innovative solutions in energy, and we should ensure that our pace doesn’t slow down. Renewable energy allows for us to bring jobs to Colorado while simultaneously lowering utility costs.

Colorado, the state that houses the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, became the first state to set a voter-approved renewable portfolio standard in 2004. As a result, Colorado will require 30% of electricity sold by investor-owned utilities to come from renewable energy sources by 2020.

As an elected official, I will continue promoting clean energy incentives for residents while preparing our infrastructure for the transition to 100% renewable energy. Green energy provides jobs, grows our economy and allows us to care for Colorado’s breathtaking beauty and the recreational and tourism jobs it provides.